What is the Box ?

The BOX is a real life escape game where teams of three up to six players have to find and follow clues, solve puzzles and escape from a locked room using only common sense logic and the power of teamwork. We encourage you to think outside the box! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon.

Who is live escape game for?

Live escape game is fun for all: friends, colleagues, families, you name it. If you are looking for an alternative entertainment, something other than the usual bars, movies and the like, then live escape game is a sure bet. Come and check it out.

Why the box ?

It’s an all new entertainment experience! A live and timed challenge to test yourself and earn your bragging rights at the water cooler! We will lock you in a room, packed with clues to find and brain teasing puzzles to solve. You and your friends or co-workers will have to unite into an efficient team to discover the hidden clues, objects and codes to reach your goal and escape from the room! Every room is a different adventure with different theme, puzzles and clues.

Happy Escapers and counting!


Managed to escape the box!


Puzzles solved!


Broken Locks

How many people can play the game?

We designed our games for 3-5 people, but 2 or 6 people can play them, too. But be aware, the difficulty depends on the number of the players. 6 people might be a little to overcrowded. If the team get stuck, we can help them, so 2 people probably will get more clues.

How long will the experience last?

You will spend around 60 minutes in the room (the maximum given time), however, a short briefing will be made before the game and we would love if, after your escape, you could share your experience with us while we take your photo, deal with any ordered merchandise and get your signature in our guestbook. Please arrive around 15 minutes before your booking. In case you are running late, please get in touch.

Is there a specific age limit for team members?

In general there is no age limit, nevertheless, we found that the ideal group age is above 14. You are naturally welcome to bring along smaller kids, but in this we case we need at least 1 team member to be older than 21, and we advise that the youngest member is at least 12 years young. In the Temple the minimum age is 16.